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We are the first National and International Women's
Trucking Association dedicated to the Betterment of
Women in the Trucking Industry in North America.

The WTA was formed  to provide women truck
drivers a safe and secure site in order that they can
find knowledge to help them become professional
drivers, instill in them the professionalism needed to
promote the positive aspects of the industry and to
give them aid as they need it to combat sexual
harassment and/or problems inherent to their jobs
and personal lives.

Furthermore, we will promote the trucking industry
by providing accurate data, statistics, and
information to the industry and the general public in
regards to women in the trucking industry by
internet, personal contact, appearances at seminars,
and in contacting industry and governmental leaders.  

What Being a Trucker means to me

Being a Trucker to me gives me a sense
of freedom.
Independence, and an opportunity to
travel and see things I would
Have never seen any other way, like the
mountain ranges, the
desert, various rivers and streams.
To meet wildlife, and see them in their
natural habitats.
I love the feel of the truck on the road.
I enjoy meeting people from all over the
United States.
I find it also the best form of education,
cause I have learned so much.

Kicka Pocan

Trucking !!!……um……A
profession you love to hate,
and hate to love.

Takes the blood from you
veins and turns it into asphalt
and caffeine.

Makes you yearn to get in
and go when your home, and
when your gone, can’t wait to
get back home.

For me its all of the above
and the freedom to be able
to see the country. To come
into contact with others I
would have never had the
chance to meet. And to
challenge myself more than
anyone else could ever do for
me. By doing my job with the
bruit of a man, gentleness of
a woman, and with the Grace
and Respect God gives me.
Jan Steward-Cook
In trucking, I am
the captain of my
ship on a sea of
concrete, doing my
part in keeping
prosperous and
free. I do my
deal with twisted
steel and sex
A Dream Realized
Becoming a trucker was once a
distant dream of mine. Being a
pre-teen, I was mesmerized by
the shiny Pete's and KW's
cruising the highways. I wanted
to drive them then. I don't
know what happened, but I
guess life had other plans for
me in the interim. Now at 38,
I'm finally realizing that
dream. Team Trucking will allow
me to scratch my itch for
travelling, and do it with my
hubby also, and all the while
get paid for it! I really enjoy
it, and so far being on the
road, I've met some really
decent people. Most are
genuinely nice and helpful, and I
feel really blessed.
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