Site Rules:

1.  NO pornographic links. photos or references.  Make sure you check out
any links that you might want to include in a post for offensive content.  Check
with a moderator if you have questions.

2.  NO abusive posts attacking someone personally.  People may disagree on
a subject, but remember that though we may disagree, we all have a right to
our opinions

3.  DO NOT use the membership lists for any type of advertising or
solicitation of any kind.  If you have a service or company that you want to
advertise then contact the site owner for approval to put up a link.  This does
not refer to offering your experience with a company or service.

4.  Though you might want to post jokes or stories, please refrain from
sending it to any members you might have on your friends list
many members use cell phones or computer kiosks in truck stops for internet
access while on the road and this type of mail takes too much time for them to

5.  Though there may be male members on this site, this site is NOT a dating
site.  If you want to conduct a search for a partner, take it to private email.  

6.  Share your experience with any member who needs it.  We are all in the
industry and it has always been the old hands helping the new ones.   
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