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About Me
 I am Kicka Pocan. I am currently a 42 year old mother of 4. Two
girls and 2 boys. Three are grown, and my youngest is 9. I am also a
grandmother of a beautiful 2 year old boy. I originated in Chicago,
although I have lived in San Marcos, Texas as a teen, and I do miss
 I founded the National and International Women's Trucking
Association to bring together the Ladies of the Road.
 I haven't been trucking very long, but long enough to know I should
have done it years ago.
 I came off the Truck for many reasons. Some of them I can not share
in open forum do to the sensitivity of the issues, but also I seen a
need out there.
 I seen a need for Women to gather on common ground. We have allot
of work to do.
 We can not change other peoples behavior, but we can change our
own. We can begin to see ourselves as Professionals right along with
our Male counterparts.
 We also can be vocal in many ways. If we hear a young lady on the
CB Radio making lude comments, we can get on there and let her know
its not acceptable, even if she seems to not even pay attention or
gets defensive and rude. But, she did hear you, because now she is
thinking about it as she is going down the highway.
 I believe if we can begin to lessen this behavior, and over time,
we won't have to deal with excessive ludeness we receive from others
on the road. We have to start somewhere.
 There's also nothing wrong with telling a Man that he is being
disrespectful on the radio.
 Its all about persistence. After a while, and probably a long
while, we will begin to see a decline, and full equality can begin to
take shape.
Once Our Organization gets off the ground and in full swing, I will
then return to the road.
 I had a calling. I just followed through.

Kicka Pocan
The Answer to
our problems
is Education.
about the
Industry and in
Personal, and